SFI – Sustainable Farming Incentive

The new scheme will reward environmental land management by providing financial incentives. The scheme is intended to support the goals of the 25 year environment plans and commitment to reach net zero by 2050. The Sustainable Farming Incentive is to pay for environmentally sustainable land management.

More standards have been introduced for 2023, which is an increase on the current three existing standards to improve soil health that were introduced last year. Eligible farmers and land managers will be able to apply in the summer.

Some of the most popular Countryside Stewardship arable and grassland options have been mirrored under the new ELM scheme, with attractive payment rates.

DEFRA has revealed further details on the enhanced version of the Countryside Stewardship scheme, which will see about 30 additional actions available to farmers by the end of 2024.

We will, as always, work with yourselves and your requirements to put together mixtures that compliment both the schemes and also your land.