Root Crops

We offer a wide range of root crop seed, from kales to fodder beet, turnip to pumpkins.

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Marrow Stem

A valuable crop suitable for the dairy herd coming off grass for the autumn. Has a thick stem and large nutritious leaves.

Thousand Head

Although it is not as palatable as Marrow Stem Kale, it is leafier and frost resistant. Provided it is not over-mature or grown too large, cattle will eat the stem completely.

First early with dark green medium-sized pods. Strong popular variety which is robust and ideal for market growers. Height 18″/45 cm.

Fodder Beet

A crop for cattle as it produces high dry matter yields with high energy values. It is suitable for producing high quality feed in areas where forage maize is unsuitable. It tends to be more drought tolerant than swedes and turnips. All Fodder Beet varieties are pelleted in 1 acre boxes.


Very high dry matter yields. Easy to harvest with a clean yellow root.


Very high yields and dry matter, easily harvested by sugar beet machines. White rooted beet.

A maincrop variety with dark green blunt ended pods. Heavy yielder. Height 30″/75 cm.



Orange intermediate globe shape; large top with 11.2% dry matter.


Green Globe

An excellent, white-fleshed turnip with green top root. High feeding value and good keeping quality.

Stubble Turnip


This purple top variety has high leaf and root yield and is suitable for summer or autumn use.


Usually used for pie making, roasting or having as a soup, some are ideal for Halloween. We have a wide range of varieties available, please contact us to find out more.

Blue Kuri 

Unusual fruit with a blue-grey skin and deep orange flesh. Early maturing. Both the fruit and seeds can be cooked and eaten.


Small white pumpkin, ideal for farmshop sales.

Crown Prince 

Renowned for its eating qualities. Large fruit with deep orange flesh that will grow to 3-4kg.


Warted pumpkin that is very popular for displays.


Acorn shaped, green and cream striped with exceptionally sweet flesh.

Jack O‚ÄôLantern 

The traditional Halloween pumpkin used for carving. Bright orange skin with very tasty flesh that can be roasted, baked or made into a variety of dishes.