Seed Growing Contracts

Seed Growing Contracts

We are well known for being able to offer growing contracts to farmers which are typically not available anywhere else in the market. We pride ourselves on being able to offer niche and bespoke crops that add value to the grower and we are able to supply help and guidance all the way through the growing season.

The vast majority of the crops are seed contracts which involve crop inspections from either Robert, Harry or Ben who are licensed ministry seed inspectors. This is an inspection process that we must undertake on behalf of APHA to ensure we are growing pure seed for our customers. All the seed crops are cleaned and processed at our Seed plant at High Fen which has 5 separate cleaning lines which are specifically designed to deal with the specialist crops we handle. The advantage to the grower that we handle all these crops in house is huge as we are not reliant on any third parties which can slow things up and sometimes bring them to a complete stop!

We grow and handle in excess of 20 varieties of peas which include Minerva and Swift Maple peas, Maro marrowfats as well as Picking peas and vining peas. We are the UK agent for Pure Line Seeds Inc. who are US plant breeders and have been producing world class vining pea varieties for many years. Growers’ contracts are available for all of these and they can be a very lucrative break crop.

We also have growers’ contracts available for Clovers and other small seeds including Forage Rape, Mustard, Kale, Vetches (Tares), Fodder Beet, Turnip, and Stubble Turnips. We always have a requirement for Bean contracts which include Maris Bead Tic Beans which is a variety that we own and maintain and also need Broad Beans which typically go into the packet trade.

Church of Bures is synonymous with providing quality seed and we can only do this with the expertise of our farmer customers. 

Talk to us and see what we can offer you in a time where commodity prices are high, maybe something that is a bit different to what you would usually grow, with the backing of someone who has the expertise and works for a family company that has been independent for over 120 years.

Maro, Marrowfats

Maro’s are always needed. A traditional variety with phenomenal demand. As well as growing for seed we are always wanting commercial crops grown of this niche high quality variety. Despite its longevity the demand into Japan is many times more than we can supply. Our customers like a good even green colour and it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be ‘bottle green’. The variety ticks the right boxes for all aspects with skin appearance, good cooking and soaking quality and most of all the taste. To achieve a greener colour, it is best to harvest them slightly earlier and blow them down in moisture which will preserve the colour.

Several crops were swathed last year which worked well and equally it preserves the colour. This is usual practice in the US and we will not doubt see more of it here. In a good growing season, they will yield well and the peas and pods are large. They are an excellent entry for Wheat.

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