Seed Growing Rates

Seed Growing Rates

All seeds scheduled in the Seeds Regulations have been tested in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations in purity (as defined) and germination are not less than the prescribed declarable minima percentage, unless otherwise stated. For declarable minima purity and germination see figures below.

SpeciesSowing Rate per AcreSowing Rate per HectarePurityGermination
Beans – Broad 100 kilos250 kilos9880
Beans – Winter95 kilos238 kilos9885
Beans – Spring 75 kilos188 kilos9880
Borage6 kilos15 kilos
Canary Seed15 kilos38 kilos
Clover – Red6.5 kilos16 kilos9780
Clover – White 2 kilos5 kilos9780
Cocksfoot8 kilos20 kilos9080
Fodder Beet50,000 seeds per acre9773
Kale2 kilos5 kilos9875
Linseed25 kilos63 kilos9985
Lucerne9 kilos23 kilos9780
Maize45,000 seeds per acre9880
Mangel3.5 kilos9 kilos9773
Maples100 kilos250 kilos9880
Millet – Red/White12.5 kilos31 kilos
Mustard Broadcast9 kilos23 kilos9885
Mustard Drilled6 kilos15 kilos9885
Peas100 kilos250 kilos9880
Quinoa4 kilos10 kilos
Rape Broadcast5 kilos13 kilos9885
Rape Drilled3 kilos8 kilos9885
Runner Beans20 – 40 kilos50 – 100 kilos9980
Ryegrass – Hybrid14 kilos35 kilos9675
Ryegrass – Italian14 kilos35 kilos9675
Sorghum – Dwarf8 kilos20 kilos
Sorghum – Giant12 kilos30 kilos
Sunflower5 kilos13 kilos9885
Trefoil3.5 kilos9 kilos9780
Turnip2 kilos5 kilos9780
Turnip – Stubble3 kilos8 kilos9780
Vetch (Tares)62 kilos155 kilos9885

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